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  • Dr.
    Terrence Ochterski

    Dr. Terry has dedicated his life to caring for animals. As a child, his family raised and cared for dogs at thee family-owned kennel, Suburban Animal Centre. Dr. Terry began working his first job when he was 14 at Shaker Animal Hospital. He then went on to receive a Bachelor of Science in Animal Agriculture from The Ohio State University before obtaining his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Ross University.

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  • Tracey


  • Melissa Ramski
    RVT/ Manager

    Melissa is a mother of four and supports a zoo of her own. She shares her house with 4 Dogs,2 cats and 2 Turtles . Her first job in the veterinary field was as a receptionist in 2003. She became a member of the Suburban team in 2006 and is presently in school to attain her CVPM (Certified Veterinary Practice Manager) certification. In 2012, Melissa received her degree in Applied Health Sciences with a focus in veterinary medicine from Stautzenberger  to gain the title of RVT. Growing up, Melissa found a passion in animals early while showing and training horses. She now is a perspective Doberman Pinscher breeder and hopes to find a new passion in raising her new pups.

  • Tammy Howard

    Tammy: 'As a child, I always loved the scientific aspect of Veterinary Medicine and the nature of cats and dogs. I always asked myself, How can I help these creatures?. They cannot talk, nor express themselves when not feeling well. This is when I knew that the veterinary field was for me. Having a love for and gift to care for various animals at an earl age inspired me to pursue and complete my course of studies to become a certified veterinary assistant. I was 14 when I purchased my first Rottweiler. Since then, you couldn't keep me away from them, had some grooming experience also in the midst of gaining knowledge in vet medicine. After numerous hours of observation and hands-on training with prominent veterinarians and field experience, I decided to pursue an education. With a motivation inspired by Dr. Terry here at Suburban, I attended Stautzenberger College and earned a degree of Applied Science and focus of Veterinary Technician. My mission is to always help others with their pets while caring for my own. I believe that a healthy and active animal makes for a great companion and friend.'

  • Alice Thompson

    Alice has been a part of our staff at Suburban for the better part of fourteen years. She has always expressed a love for animals. Even as a child, Alice was driving her parents crazy by always welcoming stray animals into her home. 'I remember the one time my Tabby caught a bird', Alice says, ' of course I wanted to help it. I knew it couldn't fly away so I placed it into a shoebox and told my mom that it was hurt and my responsibility to make it better.' A minutes later, Alice recalled her mother yelling that the bird was flying around the house. 'Alright, so it wasn't as hurt as I had initially though', she says. But the unconditional love and caring for all animals held true in the job that she holds today. She loves her job, taking care of everyone's furry family members. She trusts that everyone else that works with her feels the same. 'I plan on working here forever!' Alice expresses.After spending the day taking care of animals, she goes home to her pug family, taking the time to play and love them. For thirteen years, Alice has also been breeding pugs, finding such a love and respect for the breed. 'I have a pretty busy life with animals, but loving them is what I do. Making you and your family member comfortable to come to the doctor is my goal.'

  • Marquez Ware
    Veterinary Assistant


  • Linda Repp

    Linda joined SVC in September of 2016, and has been a great addition to our receptionist team. Her always friendly personality is appreciated by both our staff and clients.

    Family: Husband, Phil 4 boys and to many pets to list.

    Why do you like working at SVC? 'I am grateful for the opportunity to work here with such grrrrrreat doctors that have old fashion values.......they care about animals and their people. I feel like part of the family and I've only been here 4 months'.

    What is your favorite season? 'All of them'.

    When I'm not working, I'm.... 'working at the pizza shop (Gioninos) that my husband and I own. I also breed cats, dogs and hedgehogs'.

    A random fact about myself: I just recently became a first time Grandma!!!!! I cant wait to hear my grandson say 'Grama'.

  • Lisa Tonon
    Technician/Kennel MGR

    Lisa joined Suburban Veterinary Clinic in February of 2016. Lisa currently attends Stautzenberger College to earn a degree of Applied Science with a focus in Veterinary Medicine.

    Family: Daughter, Brooke & Son, Austin Dogs, Maximus & Loki Cats, Ayla, Zeus & Bella.

    Favorite Book/Movie: The Notebook

    Why do you like working at SVC? 'They are like my family. We are always there for each other and push each other to be the best we can be. We all come together for the greater good of all the animals that come through the door.'

    What is your favorite season? My favorite season is fall, all of the beautiful colors, warm days and crisp nights.

    When I'm not working, I'm.... usually working in my flowerbeds, cleaning or fixing something in the house.

    A random fact about yourself: 'I love to workout when I have time'.

  • Ashley Walden
    Veterinary Assistant

    Ashley's passion goes beyond animal care. She is also in her final semesters of nursing.


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