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Helping Your Pet Breathe Easier

There is perhaps nothing quite so disconcerting as that sound your pets make when they have difficulty breathing. You have no idea whether they’re choking on something they found in the yard, are suffering from a foxtail, or something even worse.  If your Maple Heights pet is showing signs of breathing difficulty, there might be an array of problems associated with the difficulty, and our vet at Suburban Vet Clinic is well-versed and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory illness including asthma.


Signs of Asthma Attacks in Pets

If your Maple Heights, OH pets display symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, or breathing with their mouths open while seemingly struggling to get oxygen, there is a chance that they might be suffering the effects of an asthma attack.   

When dogs suffer the wheezing and coughing fits associated with asthma, the reality is that they are probably suffering symptoms caused by another disease like allergic bronchitis, which is a long-term condition causing inflammation of the airways.  This condition presents very similarly to asthma.

Cats, conversely, are subject to suffering from either condition.  While a coughing and wheezing cat might be a sign they have either asthma or allergic bronchitis, the primary difference is that the former can represent a serious life-threatening condition as your pets struggle to get oxygen into their airways.

Diagnosis, Testing, and Treatment in Maple Heights, OH

Diagnosing asthmatic incidents can sometimes be difficult in cases where an animal is not suffering severe attacks.  Should your vet suspect the condition, however, they might recommend lab work or X-rays to isolate the causes of the attacks.  Additionally, fluid examination from inside the airways might yield an answer, but none of these tests are guaranteed to pinpoint a diagnosis of asthma.  As such, getting an official verification of asthma can be both difficult and take time.

Regardless, a range of treatments and environmental changes can be employed in the event that your animal is diagnosed with asthma.  From refraining from smoking near your pet, to switching to a less dusty brand of kitty litter, removing or lowering the number of particles in the air will help your pet breathe easier.  Your vet will work with you to find the ideal medical solution to provide your animal with relief.

Call Suburban Vet Clinic in Maple Heights

If you are worried that your pet might be suffering from the effects of asthma, we encourage you to call our office at Suburban Vet Clinic in Maple Heights, OH to schedule an appointment.  Our caring staff is dedicated to ensuring that your furry family members are well taken care of regardless of their medical issues.


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