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Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work

Pet Diagnostics and Pet Bloodwork Services from Suburban Veterinary Clinic

Most pet owners see their pet as a member of their family. When their pet gets sick, they want to have access to the best medical care available. Some of the important services that pet owners need to have access to include pet diagnostics and pet bloodwork. These tools play an important role in helping a veterinarian arrive at the appropriate diagnostic answer. These tools also play a role in dictating the treatment or management of an injury or condition. The team from the Suburban Veterinary Clinic in Maple Heights is here to help everyone understand the basics of these tools. 


Pet Diagnostics: An Overview

Pet diagnostics is an overview of a broad category that helps the doctor arrive at the right treatment option for a pet. The broadest part of pet diagnostics is imaging procedures, such as an x-ray. An x-ray generates an image based on the density of the material through which it passes. An x-ray often plays a key role in helping the vet determine the severity of a broken bone. Some pets with broken bones will require surgery. Other pets will not. An x-ray an important in helping a doctor make the appropriate decision. Imaging can also help doctors identify torn ligaments, tumors, and other issues.

The Importance of Pet Bloodwork

Bloodwork also plays an important role in helping the doctor make the right diagnosis. There are several blood tests that a doctor might order. First, bloodwork can help a doctor get a better look at what is happening with the pet's electrolytes. This can help the doctor see if the pet's kidneys are working properly or if the pet is dehydrated. Bloodwork will also be used to look at the pet's blood count. This is important because it can identify an infection, a problem with anemia, and even blood clotting disorders. The importance of pet bloodwork cannot be overlooked. Some vets even have more specialized tests that can be ordered if necessary.

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When a pet is sick, pet owners need to have every resource at their disposal. This is the goal of the Suburban Veterinary Clinic in Maple Heights. We have worked hard to invest in the diagnostic capabilities of our lab. We want our pets to have access to the most advanced equipment so that no stone is ever left unturned. To learn more about how we can help you and your pet, please call us today at 216-662-6117 to schedule an appointment. 


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