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Questions to Ask Before Your Pet’s Surgery

At Suburban Veterinary Care in Maple Heights, OH, we care about you and your pet. Our veterinarian and staff are specialized, highly skilled, kind, and knowledgeable. We know how much your pet means to you, and we’re here to help.

Important Questions to Ask before Your Pet’s Surgery

Pet surgery is a big deal! It’s a good idea to ask some (or all) of the following questions to get a better grasp of your pet’s situation.

What Is My Pet’s Diagnosis, and Can You Explain It Simply for Me? 

Ask the veterinarian or a staff member to give you the medical term for your pet’s condition and spell it out or write it down for you.

If you aren’t entirely sure of what this diagnosis means for your pet or how the disease or injury will age, don’t hesitate to ask for an explanation. Chances are, your veterinarian has already answered this question for other concerned owners and are pretty good at describing it in terms that are easy to digest.

What Are Treatment Options? 

Your veterinarian may only offer one or two options because he believes them to be the best choices. However, there may be other solutions. Ask the veterinarian about the alternatives and why he thinks that some options are better than others.

What are the Risks of this Pet Surgery?

This ties in with question two. It is essential to be fully informed of surgery possibilities so you can make the best choice for your pet.

How Many Surgeries Like this One Have You Successfully Completed? 

This question may put your vet on the defensive, so ask as politely as possible. It is a good question, though, and allows you to compare to other local vets who may be equipped to do the surgery as well.

Will My Pet be Comfortable?

Ask your veterinarian if your animal will be kept warm during the surgery. This is important for comfort reasons. Anesthesia makes people and pets cold. It is also done for practical reasons- cold pets heal slower and are more prone to infection.

Also, ask how well your pet’s pain will be managed during and especially after surgery. Ask about the care and medication that the staff will administer in-patient and any medicine you will need to deliver while out-patient.

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