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Conditions Treated in Maple Heights

When looking for an experienced veterinarian, it can be hard to find one with responsive and effective services. But if you live in the Maple Heights area, then high-quality vet care is only a phone call away. Suburban Veterinary Clinic is happy to serve the local community with general wellness and emergency pet care solutions. We understand that dealing with pet health concerns isn’t easy, so we’re here to provide the high level of care your animals deserve. Keep reading to learn more about the health conditions we treat here in our animal hospital.

. What We Treat

Looking for vaccinations for your cats or dogs? How about a routine wellness exam? No matter what you’re looking for, we have a solution. But if your pets have an uncommon condition, it may be hard to find the treatment they need. Suburban Veterinary Clinic is happy to treat the following pet conditions:

Pet Allergies

Pet allergies are one of the leading health concerns for pets. When allergies are bad enough, pets might actually bite into their skin, which could cause severe bleeding and possibly an infection. Luckily, we provide urgent care if needed.

Cuts and Scrapes

From playing in the yard to accidents around the house, furry pets can develop cuts or scrapes. Our team is here to provide the proper treatment to cure these wounds.

Heartworm Disease

This disease causes severe lung disease, harm to organs in the body, and even heart failure due to foot-long worms living in the heart, lungs, and blood vessels of affected animals.

Dieting Issues

An unhealthy diet can have a lasting effect on the health and well-being of pets. If your companion animals have a dieting issue, we can help. Our veterinarians can provide counseling services that can lead to a healthy lifestyle for your animals.

Behavioral Problems

From puppies to adults, behavior issues can be very detrimental to the growth of your pets. With our skilled vet team, we can help to teach good behavior tactics to create lasting benefits for your furry friends.

Dental Issues

Just like in humans, pets also need proper oral health. If dental issues aren’t fixed, infection, disease, and bad breath can be a result.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Unfortunately, gastrointestinal problems affect millions of pets every single year. Luckily, our team can effectively treat these issues.

How Our Veterinarian Can Help

From emergency pet care to routine wellness exams, our team is here for all of your personalized needs. We make your pets’ health our number one priority and our caring team has the tools and experience you can depend on.

From urgent care to pet dental services, Suburban Veterinary Clinic is here to take your companions animals’ health to the next level. Located in Maple Heights, finding the care your pets deserve is only a short drive away. Call us today at (216) 662-6117 to learn more!



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