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Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery

Any time your pet must undergo surgery is a scary time. Fully understanding what to expect both before and after the surgery can help tremendously. Knowing your pet is in good hands with the experts at Suburban Veterinary Clinic in Maple Heights, OH, can help ease your mind. Below, let's examine some common types of surgeries and learn what to expect before and after the surgery is complete.

Pet Surgery

Routine Surgery

There are several routine surgeries that are commonplace at the veterinarian's office. Any type of dental cleaning can turn into a surgical procedure. Teeth extractions are a very common surgery and are often performed to remove broken or damaged teeth. Another common surgery is the removal of a mass. There are several benign tumors that can grow on our pets. Often, these tumors are removed for both testings and to make your pet more comfortable.

Emergency Surgery

Unfortunately, accidents happen and sometimes emergency surgery is necessary. Broken bones will often need surgical placement of pins and screws to stabilize the bone as the injury heals. Torn tendons and ligaments also require surgical intervention to help create a stable and mobile joint. If a cat or dog eats something that is not intended for consumption, they can experience a blockage in the stomach or intestines. Blockages can become life-threatening if not properly removed.

Pre/Post Surgery

Before surgery, your vet will take a full panel of vital measurements including checking your pet's blood, heart rate, temperature, and lung capacity. Your vet wants to make sure your pet is in optimal health before undergoing any type of surgery. If your pet is in good health, the vet will perform the surgery and leave you with a set of aftercare instructions. Depending on the severity and complexity of the surgery aftercare instructions can be as simple as moderate exercise and a limited diet, to daily medication and physical therapy to help rehabilitate your pet. Often, antibiotics will be administered to help reduce the risk of infection at the site of the incision. Working with your veterinarian is a great way to ensure your pet recovers fully from any type of surgery.

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We understand surgery can be scary for both you and your pet. At Suburban Veterinary Clinic, we want to keep your mind at ease with our knowledgeable and professional team. Our Veterinarian experts have years of experience and can perform even the toughest of surgeries. Our office is conveniently located at 5257 Warrensville Center Rd, Cleveland, OH 44137, proudly serving the Maple Heights area. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (216) 662-6117.


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