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Pet Diabetes Awareness Month

It can be important to have good information on any health conditions your pet has or might be at risk for. Then you know what to look for and can spot a problem before it becomes more serious. If you're in the Maple Heights, OH, area and in need of a “veterinarian near me” who can help you understand pet diabetes, we at Suburban Veterinary Clinic  are here to help. November is pet diabetes awareness month, which is the perfect time to learn more about this serious condition and the issues it can cause.

Pet Diabetes

What Is Pet Diabetes?

Pet diabetes is similar to the illness in humans. It's caused by an inability to make or process insulin correctly. Just like people, pets can develop diabetes due to age, obesity, or other factors. In some cases there isn't any obvious, underlying cause. Instead, the condition just occurs. No matter what causes it, though, it's important to work with a veterinarian on a treatment plan that can protect your pet from the complications that can come with diabetes.

What Symptoms Should You Look For?

You may not be aware that your pet has diabetes until there are symptoms of it. These can include unexplained weight loss even with higher food intake, increased thirst and urination, and lethargy. If you're concerned that something's wrong with your four-legged family member, taking him to the vet to be tested for diabetes might be the right first step. Then you can get a diagnosis, so treatment can begin and you can help your pet feel healthy and strong again.

How Serious Is Pet Diabetes?

Pet diabetes can be a life-threatening condition if it's not treated properly and it can cause long-term harm to your pet’s organs as well. Controlling diabetes in pets can include monitoring blood sugar levels and providing insulin. While this isn't necessarily an easy condition to manage, it's possible with some care and training.

Get More Information about Pet Diabetes from a Veterinarian

A good way to treat your pet for diabetes and keep him healthy is to work with a vet on a care plan that meets your pet’s needs. Get in touch with us at Suburban Veterinary Clinic if you're in the Maple Heights, OH,  area, and let us help you help your pet. Even though November is pet diabetes awareness month, this condition can strike your pet at any time. It can be important to understand the symptoms to look for so you can get prompt medical care for your pet. Call us at (216) 662-6117 for pet care from a “veterinarian near me.”


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