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Pet Anesthesia

Suburban Veterinary Clinic Discusses Pet Anesthesia

Over a pet’s lifetime, they may need different types of veterinary care, some of which may involve anesthesia. Medications to anesthetize animals have allowed many procedures to be done safely and with better outcomes for patients. At Suburban Veterinary Clinic in Maple Heights, OH, we offer many veterinary procedures for pet health and only use the safest anesthesia medications.

Suburban Veterinary Clinic Discusses Pet Anesthesia

What Is Pet Anesthesia?

Anesthesia drugs are medications that induce unconsciousness in a controlled way, to eliminate pain and movement that would normally occur when a medical procedure is being performed. Anesthesia allows veterinarians to do complex work on the body to correct health problems. Veterinarians receive intensive training in administering anesthetic drugs properly and in monitoring their patients during the process of surgery.

Anesthesia Is Used for Many Common Veterinary Procedures

In veterinary practice, a number of different types of anesthetics may be used in the treatment of animals. In some cases, animals may receive anesthesia to keep them from moving for diagnostic tests to detect injuries or disease. These are generally drugs that work for a very short period of time and allow the patient to awake quickly. This type of drug may also be used for teeth cleaning or other simple procedure. In other cases, the vet may require a deeper state of unconsciousness to do a complex surgery and will use a drug that keeps the animal asleep for a longer period, such as when doing abdominal or orthopedic surgery.

Is Anesthesia Safe?

Veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturers do extensive testing on anesthesia drugs used on animals to ensure their safety. Side effects are very rare, and your vet will carefully monitor your pet for any problem. If you have concerns about anesthesia use for your pet, your veterinarian will be happy to discuss the matter with you.

Caring for Your Pet after Anesthesia

The veterinary clinic staff will monitor your pet after a procedure to ensure the effects are wearing off normally. However, even after a pet is cleared to be taken home, you should allow the animal to rest in a quiet area of your home until he or she is fully recovered from the effects of the drug.

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Dr. Terry Ochterski and the team at Suburban Veterinary Clinic are committed to providing quality care for their patients in Maple Heights, OH, and surrounding areas. We offer many veterinary services, including wellness care, preventative care, and dental care, and diagnostics, surgery, and laser therapy. Call Suburban Veterinary Clinic today at (216) 662-6117 for an appointment to have your pet examined and to learn about the many services we offer to ensure your pet’s health and safety.


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