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Pet Microchipping At Our Suburban Veterinary Clinic in Maple Heights, OH

Each year, owners experience the sadness of pet escapes and theft.  Microchipping can make the outcome a far more positive one.  Our Suburban Veterinary Clinic offers this safe and simple procedure to help keep Maple Heights animals safe.

boy with microchipped pet Microchip Benefits

As many as 8 million animals enter shelters every year. About 20 percent of dogs make it home, and the total falls to less than 2 percent for cats.  A microchipped animal has a far greater chance of being reunited with its owner than one without a chip does.

One of the things our clients like about a microchip is that after implantation, it requires no maintenance by the owner.  The owner sends contact information to a database registry maintained by the microchip’s manufacturer.  Our practice will scan the chip yearly to check that it still functions properly.  Beyond that, an owner merely needs to make sure contact information remains current.

Owners also appreciate the convenience of microchips, which are harmless and quick to install.  They can schedule an appointment specifically for chip insertion or request a microchip during a visit for another purpose. Since a microchip is permanent, it is a far better source of owner information than a detachable collar alone is.  The safest option is a microchip plus a breakaway collar with ID tags.

How the Microchipping Process Works

Pet microchipping takes only seconds.  The chip itself is an electronic device roughly the size and shape of a grain of rice and lies within a glass cylinder. Implantation injects the chip under the pet’s skin.  Our veterinarian usually places it between the animal’s shoulder blades.  The process generates no more discomfort that most injections we administer.

A number of manufacturers issue microchips.  Each assigns a unique number to each chip.  This number and owner contact information remains in a registry the manufacturer maintains.  Most microchip databases do not store a pet’s medical information. A microchip is not a GPS or tracking device.  To detect a chip, staff at a veterinary practice or a shelter must scan an unclaimed animal with a wand.  When a chip is present, its unique number displays, making it possible to identify the owner.

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