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Grooming Services

Our Pet Grooming Salon offers professional dog bathing for all breeds. After pet bathing, the dog grooming process includes a good comb-out to remove unwanted undercoat and any possible matting, a pre-clip if necessary, a nail trim, cleaning of the upper ears, removal of hair from ear canal, expressing of the anal glands, and a sculpted style scissored to perfection.

Puppy Grooming...The Sooner The Better

Dog grooming is something your pet will experience all its life, so it is important to start young and develop tolerance, trust and good habits. We recommend that a puppy's first formal dog grooming occur at around 8 weeks of age and follow a regular schedule thereafter. Visiting the same groomer each time will bond your puppy and groomer thus avoiding fear and any undue stress.

Cat Grooming
Whether you desire a lion cut or a comb-out with minimal trimming, your cat's grooming depends on how tolerable your cat is. Our groomers do everything possible to lessen the amount of stress your pet undergoes. First time cat grooming appointments need to meet with one of our veterinarians to evaluate your cat's health...should the need for sedation arise. Sedation is never used without your prior approval.

Grooming Tips For at Home Care

The groomer is not the only person allowed to take care of your pets grooming needs. At home, YOU can do a great service to your pet by regularly brushing your pet's teeth, brushing/combing your pet's fur, trimming toe nails, and more!

Most homes have everything that they need for basic grooming, or for a small sum, can acquire most tools needed to keep up with regular maintenance of your dog's or cat's grooming routine.

It is important to ensure that your pet is professionally groomed roughly every six to eight weeks, depending on your pet's activity level, breed, coat type, training, and yes, even maintenance care at home.

There are a few things that should be done on a regular basis at home, as close to a daily routine as possible. Brushing your pet at least once a day, keeps them as close to knot free as possibly and will help to prevent knots from turning into health hazardous mats. Doing a simple five minutes per day brushing your animal will not only be preventing their hair from matting, but can also prove to be very relaxing for you both. Also, by getting your pet used to these tools, and the discipline to be calm while you do this, it trains them to be well-behaved for your groomer.
Trimming toe nails at home, can be extremely difficult. If not properly prepared, it can be a stressful experience for everyone involved, including your pet. Show your pet that it can be a rewarding experience by treating them when they sit for you, are calm for you, and allow you to touch their feet with the toe nail clippers. Having an adequate pair of clippers is also important. You want nail clippers that are sharp and will cut through the thickness of the nail with no problem. By using dull trimmers, it is possibly to crack the nail and cause some health damage. If sitting a pet down to trim nails proves to be too much of a hassle, taking your dog for a walk will naturally grind long nails down to a comfortable and maintainable level.

Give us a call to make a grooming or toe nail trim appointment. We would be happy to assist you and your pets needs, as well as share some helpful advice on keeping up with grooming maintenance at home.


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