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The Signs of Pet Ear Infections

Is your dog scratching around its ear a lot? There’s a good chance that the irritation isn’t a bug or flea or some traditional cause. Instead, the culprit is probably an ear infection. Both cats and dogs use their claws to do most of the work when it comes to removing anything they don’t like on themselves. However, pets don’t have the skills of a surgeon, so in many cases, that claw contact ends up leaving a scratch. Soon enough, it becomes an infection and, being trapped in the ear area or deeper ear canal, it has plenty of resources to become a big problem. That turns into irritation, itching and, you guessed it, more scratching. We at Suburban Veterinary Clinic in Maple Height, OH, know a lot about pet ear infections.

Ear Infections

Other Culprits

Additionally, there are other causes for pet ear infection as well. Yeast and bacterial growth can trigger problems, growing out of control and irritating surrounding skin, causing inflammation. Dogs are prone to this problem, and then their scratching only makes things worse. Alternatively, pets’ own hair can be a problem too. An abundance of loose fur and wax can bundle up to create a clump that ends up triggering an infection deeper in the pet’s ear. Finally, ear infections can also be caused by growths, such as tumors, or by parasites, such as tics or ear mites.

Symptoms that Signal a Problem

The most obvious symptom of an irritation is the pet constantly trying to scratch around the ear area or rubbing its ear into the carpet or flooring of a home. Additionally, more serious infections can produce a yellow or brown discharge from the ear canal, and the animal can be in pain trying to eat (whimpering while chewing). Crust buildup or dried, flaky material is also a common sign of a problem. Finally, with serious compaction, loss of hearing and head tilting are frequently related behaviors as well.

Contact Us for Local Veterinarian Help in Maple Heights, OH

Fortunately, we here at Suburban Veterinary Clinic in Maple Heights, OH, can help, and pet ear infections are a condition we can treat. A veterinarian on our team and support staff can examine and diagnose a cat or dog for an ear infection as well as know how to treat it. A combination of antibiotics and regular cleaning for bacterial problems, or an antifungal treatment could apply. If you think your pet is having an ear issue, call to schedule an appointment. We at Suburban Veterinary Clinic can be found in Maple Heights, OH, and we welcome patients from all over. Call us at (216) 662-6117.


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