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Dermatology problems in pets require intervention to relieve uncomfortable symptoms. Contact Suburban Veterinary Clinic in Maple Heights if your pet is suffering from a rash or any type of irritation of the skin. Here are some common skin problems that pets suffer from so that you are aware of the symptoms in which you may need to contact our veterinarians for assistance.


Balding Areas

When your pet has a skin ailment, their fur may fall out in affected areas. The fur may also become missing because your pet may lick or scratch at areas where the skin is causing them irritation. It is important to seek medical treatment from our veterinarians to determine whether it is a dermatology issue or whether your pet is struggling with an anxiety disorder.

Skin Rash

Raised bumps on the skin require a trip to our vet for an assessment. Rashes usually come with pain or itchiness, giving your pet distress if it is not treated in a timely manner. Rashes can also spread throughout your pet’s body. Many rashes are caused by allergic reactions. In addition to treating a rash, our veterinarians will assist in helping you determine what triggered the rash if an allergy is to blame for its occurrence. This way you can help your pet avoid future outbreaks.

Dry Skin

A pet with dry skin will likely have white flakes within their fur and may cause some type of irritation to your pet. These flakes can be combed out, however, the scratching of the teeth of the apparatus upon the skin may lead to a worsening of symptoms. The best treatment is to add hydration to the skin. This can be accomplished with specific shampoos or topical treatments. Avoid bathing your dog or cat too frequently as this can lead to the drying of skin rather quickly. When a pet is bathed, the skin is depleted of oils needed to retain moisture.


A pet with fleas may suffer from a skin disorder in addition to itchiness from parasites running along the body. Flea bites can become quite painful if your pet has an allergy to these insects. If untreated, flea bite sites could become infected if your pet continuously scratches or bites at the areas of skin where they happened. Fleas multiples fast and lay eggs onto the fur. Take your pet to our veterinary clinic right away to prevent the spreading of fleas. Our Maple Heights veterinarians will first treat your pet with parasite treatments to eliminate future outbreaks.

If your pet is currently showing signs that they are suffering from a dermatology problem, contact Suburban Veterinary Clinic in Maple Heights so that we can aid your pet to feeling better sooner. Give our veterinarians a call at (216) 662-6117 to make an appointment for an evaluation of your pet's skin.


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