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The best part of our job is helping bring little babies into the world!!!!

Many breeds are very known for complications while delivering pups, but it can happen to any breed.

We offer various equipment with knowledgeable staff to help bring your pups safe into the world.

 Here are a few steps you as an owner can take to ensure your female is ready to deliver as well knowledge to know if she is in trouble!!!

  1. Make sure to get a pregnancy test done 30 days of conception to ensure she is in fact pregnant 
  2. Scheduling an appointment for radiographs around day 57 of pregnancy  
    1. This helps determine not only an approximate count of pups, but can also help determine is she is able to deliver the pups by measuring the with of the sculls vs size of pelvis. 
  3.  Scheduling an appointment  a reverse progesterone will help to determine when your female will go into labor.
    1. Some times when breeding multiple times over the course of days can potentially cause problems when determining when your female will be ready.
    2. Progesterone levels decrease when the female is ready to give birth !!

When do you know if you female is in trouble ?

  1. If she has been in labor for more 2 hours and no pup has been produced 
  2. When she is actively pushing for more than 20 minutes and no pups is coming out 
  3. When you can see a pup and its hasn't passed in less than 1 minute 
  4. When you see green or greenish black discharge this means that a placenta has broken away from the uterine wall. 


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